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About Us

McCarthy Car Service was started to provide a private first class chauffeured driving experience and to eliminate complications and frustrations of traveling. Our goal is to eliminate the worry and stress of the first or last part of your trip by eliminating the drive to and from the airport or wherever the event is needed.

Located in Ahwatukee, Arizona McCarthy Car Service easily services Sky Harbor as well as the surrounding airports including Scottsdale Airport, Chandler Municipal Airport, Falcon Field Airport, Deer Valley Field Airport, and Goodyear Airport and communities.

We pride ourselves in the "service" part of our name. You will be greeted with respect and privacy by signage of a name you desire at the gate of your arrival. It is our goal to make you feel as comfortable as possible. All clients will receive complimentary bottled water and snack bar.

Since all clients have different needs, please feel free to request special items such as a Starbucks coffee or tea. These items may incur additional costs, but not additional mark up. While we emphasize the service in our name, we don't increase our rates to satisfy your needs. We offer extremely competitive rates as well as unparalleled service and privacy!

People often ask how do we keep our prices so competitive? Well for starters we do not have the overhead some of our competitors have, they often have limousines and other expensive fleet vehicles requiring large costs to maintain. We also do not have the traditional costs car companies have, we do not pay our drivers for down or idle time,we are not a franchise, we do not advertise - except on our website. We do accept credit cards, but prefer not to accept American Express. Our drivers have never been involved in accidents,which means lower insurance costs. We also negotiate great purchase on our vehicles and finally we are very good at point to point service and knowing what time and gas and costs will be associated with each trip. Many folks compare our company to some other well respected transportation companies such as Southwest Airlines. We take pride in delivering fantastic service at reasonable price. We think you will agree.

In addition to providing unparalleled car service and protecting your privacy, this site and all its contents is considered intellectual property and is copyright registered with United States Copyright Office and The Library of Congress. We have instituted these protections to deliver worry-free professional service for our clients.